vanessa royant


Glass blower

From the raw material to the original work, she infuses her requirement of form

In each of her pieces is found Vanessa’s own breath. At once a succession of exhalations which represent the origins of her inspirations too subtle to describe. A sensibility of twenty years marked by a multi-faceted material, organic and alive at once. Whether the sobriety of a glass black and opaque, or the complexity of filigrane, each creation is unique. The works take form in flames with the breath and the choreography of Vanessa. From these deep breaths, these transformations of raw material, are born refined lines with subtle and sublime detail, which sing of the singular originality of her work.


Particles of a path

  • Loved,
  • worked,
  • dared,
  • transcended.
  • 7,
  • 3,
  • 72,
  • 103.
  • School,
  • apprenticeship,
  • workshop,
  • freeroaming.
  • Hjembyglass,
  • Denmark,
  • Norway,
  • France.
  • Employee,
  • in residences,
  • partner,
  • independente.
  • The heat,
  • the space,
  • the sound,
  • the form.
  • 1200°,
  • 37°,
  • 360°,
  • 820°.


A view in detail on

the work of  Vanessa